PCV D1 Category (Less than 16 seats)
PCV D Category (More than 16 seats)
Training Courses

PCV 'D1' & 'D' Course Duration:
Dependant on a practical assessment of 1 hour. The national average is 20hrs+. Courses see below.

Course Objectives:
Prepare candidate in the safe use of vehicles on a public road and pass the official DVLA practical test.

Intended Candidates:
For those who are required to drive passenger carrying vehicle on a public road.

Course Ratio:
1 Candidate, 1 Instructor and 1 Vehicle.

Course Requirements:
  • Large reversing area
  • Vehicle of the type which the candidate is to be tested in

On Completion:
If successful will have their licence upgraded by DVLA.

Pre-Course Requisite:
  • For PCV D1 category you must hold a valid DVLA D1 category provisional entitlement
  • For PCV D category you must hold a valid DVLA D category provisional entitlement

Both require a theory / hazard perception test pass for D category.


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